Uniform: Jesse Kamm

Like many, I have been lured by the aura of Jesse Kamm. Living part of the year in Panama and the rest in California, she works hard and lives beautifully. 

“My uniform doesn’t only involve what I wear. It involves these philosophies I have about how to live a good life. For me, freedom is wealth. That’s my success: Being free to pick up and go away for the summer and be in a place where I can completely shut down. What if you just shook up the formula and thought of doing it in a different way, a smaller way? The dollar sign doesn’t have to be the end-all.” -Jesse Kamm [Hartman, E. (2015, September 1). Jesse Kamm’s Laid-Back Approach to Life — and Looks. The New York Times.]

With so much fast fashion these days, it can be nice to save up for a piece that makes you feel like a badass. (I'm looking at you Kimono Jumpsuit...)